Using the P.T.U. as an alternative way to dispose of domestic Waste, it not only holds all of the waste within the confines of the fully sealed, steel container system, it also offers any potential Investor a payback on the machine.

There are various ways of operating the machine, which are shown below.

  1. The TOKEN operated P.T.U is the most basic and common system. The customer pays for the token in the shop, which in turn allows him access to the feed drum, by inserting the token into the validator on the P.T.U. Once the drum opens, the bagged domestic waste is placed in the drum and the P.T.U will automatically do the rest.
  2. The TOUCHPAD option is basically a similar option to the token, only the Customer keys a random number into the touch pad of the machine, which in turn gives them access to the feed drum. By going into the shop, the customer pays for his ticket. The ticket will display the number, which in turn allows access to the P.T.U. to dispose of the bagged waste.
  3. The SWIPECARD / DEBIT CARD option once again is similar in its operation only the customer can use his / her credit card for access to the P.T.U. The Debit Card can also be topped up to allow multiple usage of the machine.
  4. The FOB & READER Option may be more suitable for apartments and Caravan parks. Each customer has his / her own FOB ( bar-Code ) on their key ring. Once swiped in front of the reader this will open the feed drum, which in turns allows access to the P.T.U.

All of the above 4 options can be linked into the TEXT back system via GSM- Modem. This offers accurate feedback to mobile phone & PC for onward invoicing re the Usage of the P.T.U.

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