The P.T.U. can be used in a range of locations and the beauty of the system, its portable.

The Machine can be plugged out and moved on for whatever reason.

Forecourts, Supermarkets, Garages

This is an ideal scenario where any of the above locations can use the P.T.U Portable to draw a much greater footfall through their business. The P.T.U has proven this and it also gives a payback to the Forecourt. All that’s required by the forecourt / Supermarket is a 3 phase or single-phase supply (preferably 3 phase) and some form of security camera.

It is regulated under the certificate of registration and if the machine is managed by E.C.S. this will be arranged. If  a customer purchase’s the machine, the Waste Collection Permit number and contact details of the waste contractor will be sufficient and must be clearly shown on the P.T.U. itself.

The P.T.U. is safe to use, It is Ce certified and meets with all EU Health & Safety regulations.

Caravan Parks & Apartment Blocks

The P.T.U. Portable is ideally suited for either of the above sites. It can be regulated by on site personnel where the tokens can be purchased from the shop on site, or FOBS can be given to each caravan / apartment and the Reader system on the PTU will detect each individual customer.

Once again it is extremely clean and free from vermin, birds, odour and spillage.

Civic Amenity Sites

Variations of the PTU, i.e Static version can be supplied and  are more suitable for C.A. Sites, however, depending on the size and capacity of each individual site, will determine the size and specification of the P.T.U. required.