E.C.S. Ltd has over the past number of years endeavoured to offer the customer a new and unique way, to dispose of their bagged domestic waste for less, whilst helping keep a much cleaner and safer environment.

By using the P.T.U. (Pay To Use Portable) the customer is always in control.  No requirement for contracts, just  “Pay as you Use”, it could not be more convenient.

The feed drum on the P.T.U.  Is capable of holding 2 large plastic bags of domestic waste.

The unique design allows the customer to dispose of his / her bagged domestic waste through the feed drum. To access the drum all that’s required is a receipt purchased from the shop which in turn allows the customer to key a random number into the Codex touch pad, which in turn, opens the feed drum.


The P.T.U is safe to use and only when it is located where the public have access to it i.e. Forecourt or Supermarket, it is regulated under the Certificate of Registration.

Alternatively getting a fully licensed waste contractor to collect and dispose of the contents, means it can be regulated under the contractors waste collection permit.

If this option is preferred, the contractors Permit Number, Phone number and the Unique Number for the PTU system, must be shown clearly on the system.

It is extremely important to E.C.S. to ensure the regulations set down by the E.P.A. and Local Authorities throughout Ireland are adhered to.

E.C.S. will always work with each Local Authority to ensure each P.T.U. is regulated in the correct manner.

The waste is contained within the steel container of the P.T.U where the only access is through the feed Drum.

The system meets with all EU Health & Safety regulations and is fully Ce certified.

E.C.S. also offer the customer something in return for using the P.T.U. Using the Loyalty Card System, each time they dispose of their waste, through the P.T.U. the card is stamped. This in turn allows them free access to the machine. When the Loyalty card is full, once submitted to the shop, it not only gives the customer a free usage next time they use the machine, it is also put forward for free draws throughout the year.

E.C.S are also working towards newer systems that will benefit the whole segregation and recycling area.

Separate, compartmented compaction systems are being looked at, as well as more up to date and customer friendly systems.

Once re-cycables are removed from the domestic bagged waste, the only system of recycling / disposing of this nature of waste, is through M.B.T., Composting and landfill.

In Ireland some of the larger Waste Companies are working towards this system of segregation and minimization.

E.C.S. are currently working with some of these contractors, for the collection and disposal from the P.T.U., however Ireland is still a bit away from M.B.T.

E.C.S believe we have to keep looking forward and create Newer, less expensive and more customer friendly ways, to deal with waste.

With some New exciting designs in the Pipeline E.C.S can offer new and innovative ways to help re-cycle both domestic bagged waste and dry recyclables.

With the ever increasing regulations it is important for E.C.S to diversify and to be able to offer these New and more user-friendly and of course, less expensive ways of dealing with an ever increasing waste stream.

With the current climate people are much more aware of the need to not only dispose of their waste in a safe, clean and correct manner, but to also get value for their money.

This is where E.C.S. can offer cheaper alternatives, by offering something in return.

Why Not try the new Pay To Use Portable System, located at a Forecourt / Supermarket near you.

Locations are updated frequently.

1.Gahans Daybreak, Chapel Lane, Enniscorthy, Wexford

2.Kinsellas, Supermarket & Forecourt, Rocklands, Wexford

3.Centra Supermarket & Forecourt, Whitemill, Wexford

4.Hammills Supermarket & Forecourt, Kilmuckridge, Wexford

5.Byrnes Supermarket & Forecourt, Courtown, Wexford

6.Butlers Great Gas, Old Arklow Road, Gorey, Wexford

7.Nolans Supermarket and Forecourt, Bunclody, Wexford

8.Caufields, Centra, Campile, Wexford

9.Dillons Londis Supermarket, Fethard-on-Sea Wexford

10. Casey’s Centra, Athlone Road, Roscommon, Co Roscommon Town

11. Apple Green Service Station, Old Limerick Road, Ennis, Co Clare

12. Owen Maroon Supermarket & Forecourt, Sallins, Co Kildare

For More information just click any of the e-mails shown on the contact page, or phone any of the numbers.